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Lund & Co – experts in competition law

Competition regulation govern how enterprises can operate or expand in the market. Regulations require notification of certain mergers and acquisitions, and limit how professionals can cooperate with other parties and prohibits dominant companies abusing their market power.

Recent development has leaned towards stricter liability for businesses and companies to assess whether agreements and business practices are in compliance with competition regulation and law. Meanwhile, sanctions for transgressions have also increased significantly, both in terms of higher fines and criminal penalties for more serious offenses. There is also reason to expect changes in procedural regulations making it easier for the injured to claim damages following restrictive trade behaviour.

Lund & Co partner Per Andreas Bjørgan was former competition director of the EFTA Surveillance Authority, where he managed some of the biggest competition legal cases Norway has experienced.


Lund & Co assists businesses and public parties with general competition law issues, assistance related to investigations and the securing of evidence, including dawn raids, government relations and court proceedings for national as well as international courts.

We can also arrange courses and seminars and prepare compliance programs where training is included.