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Government assistance

What is government assistance?

Any benefit the state, counties or municipalities provide a trader may fall under government assistance regulations. This may include direct grants, tax benefits, concessional loans, sale of real estate or power at below market prices, capital contribution and guarantees, infrastructure measures, broadband infrastructure development, facilitation of business parks, airport and port development. If municipal or state agencies / companies provide sales of services in a market, challenges and legal issues often arise. Examples of recent cases include waste and waste disposal companies, municipal analysis centres, canteen services, churchyard and gardening services, safety courses at schools, hospital pharmacies and public transport.

Government assistance accept that support can be provided for a variety of purposes, including strengthening settlement in rural areas, environmental measures, renewable energy, media diversity as well as research, innovation and development. Support may also be given to encourage new businesses, tourism and ensuring public services, including ferry, air and bus transportation, broadband, swimming pools, sports facilities / stadiums, resorts and cultural buildings.


Lund & Co has solid experience from government assistance cases and assists both public and private clients, including notifications and complaints to ESA, formal investigations and cases before the EFTA Court.

We can also assist with detailed statements, lectures and courses / seminars.