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EU/EEA law

Lund & Co has specialised expertise in the field of EU / EEA law.

EEA law is constantly evolving following new legislation, legal custom and usage. Lund & Co follow legal developments in the EEA closely, particularly in our core areas energy, environment and climate, state aid and competition.

Lund & Co partner Per Andreas Bjørgan has extensive work experience from the EFTA Surveillance Authority. He was deputy director of ESA’s legal department and has wide-ranging experience in litigation before EFTA and the European Courts in Luxembourg. From 2008 to 2014 he was Director of the Competition and State Aid Directorate and in charge of working with more than 250 state subsidies and some of the biggest competition cases Norway has experienced.

Through the EEA agreement, Norway and Norwegian businesses and citizens are secured access to the EEA market comprising 31 countries (EU and EFTA) and more than 500 million inhabitants. The EEA Agreement is based on the principles of free movement of goods, services, people and capital. Fair competition should be ensured through state aid control, competition and tender regulations. The agreement has great significance for all sectors and areas of Norwegian economy and business, as well as key political areas including research and development, employment, education, social policy, environment, consumer protection, tourism and culture. The agreement gives industry participants rights which in many cases can be enforced directly against authorities or competitors.


Lund & Co assists private individuals, companies, municipalities and other public bodies on all issues relating to EU / EEA law.