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Energy law

The field of energy law is central to Lund & Co.

Lund & Co covers all energy sources: hydropower, wind, other renewable energy sources as well as oil and gas. Energy law practice at Lund & Co includes traditional energy law, modern environmental law issues, legal questions concerning the use and protection of natural resources, corporate law, tax law and licensing issues. The partners in Lund & Co are ranked among the nation’s leading lawyers within these legal fields. The energy sector is growing globally and electricity trades across borders. Our work also includes the EU / EEA issues related to energy and natural resources. We regularly meet with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy panel. With partner Per Andreas Bjørgan’ s expertise on EU / EEA law, our competence within the field has been further strengthened.


Lund & Co advises municipalities, county authorities, landowners and energy companies on strategic issues, corporate and business law, tax law, grid tariffs. Lund & Co also assist several organizations; The National Association of Hydro Electric Power Producing Municipalities (LVK) which organizes 173 municipalities hosting hydropower plants, Kommunekraft AS in purchase and sale of concession power for the company’s shareholders (128 municipalities and 8 counties), National Association of Wind Electric Power Producing Municipalities (LNVK) which organizes 50 municipalities with windmills, and Norwegian Petroleum municipalities (NPK). Further, Lund & Co are engaged by NVE (The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) to advise developing countries on energy issues.

Lund & Co have obtained unique expertise and a solid overview of the legal regulations for the energy sector. The comprehensive workload has also given us a thorough knowledge of the commercial terms the industry operates under, including energy prices and market conditions.