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Environment and Natural Resources

Environment Law and natural resource law

Human activity affects the natural environment, and natural environment law increasingly permeates more areas of society. In most development projects, land planning and conservation issues often raise questions and concerns regarding the relationship with natural resources, issues of contamination of soil, air or water, the importance of biodiversity and so on. Both the Planning and Building Act, Pollution Control Act, Water Resources Act, the Wildlife Act as well as through the Constitution § 112, environmental law principles have a strong position in Norwegian law.

All Lund & Co’s lawyers have environmental and natural resource law as their main law practice area. Partner Stein Erik Stinessen was a member of the law of damages Committee on Biological Diversity, NOU (Official Norwegian Reports) 2004: 28.


Lund & Co has many private and public clients in this field of law, and acts as legal secretariat for The National Association of Outlying Municipalities (USS) and the Mineral municipalities which consists of about 90 municipalities with large uncultivated areas. Natural resources in outlying areas are of great importance for the settlement and development of businesses, but these interests often conflict with natural and environmental interests. The use and / or protection of such natural resources raises several questions regarding law, government legislation and policies. Lund & Co has acquired considerable expertise and experience in this legal field.