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Property tax

Lund & Co is one of the nation's leading experts on property tax law.

Lund & Co has extensive experience and expertise in the field of property tax law. Property tax is a municipal tax scheme and Lund & Co advises municipalities regarding the implementation of property tax, including the evaluation process. The lawyers of Lund & Co educate municipal politicians, property tax offices and rent evaluation boards on property tax issues, and we have developed our own educational program on property tax.

Lund & Co’s work further includes legal policy advice to government and central authorities. Lund & Co participated in the development of legislation as members of the legislative committee dealing with property taxes.

Lund & Co also assists in appeals and disputes for all courts. Our firm’s lawyers have litigated several cases regarding property tax matters in the Norwegian Supreme Court.


Lund & Co’s assistance within property tax law is primarily aimed at municipalities, however we also assist companies and individuals.