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Public procurements

Public procurement – tender

Combined, public authorities purchase goods and services in excess of 430 billion NOK annually. Municipal governments alone purchase for over 160 billion NOK. State, municipal and county governments and statutory bodies are subject to regulations of public procurement when purchasing goods or services, or when performing construction work or developments.

Procurement regulations are intended to ensure that suppliers have equal access to the public market and that there is competition on equal terms, which contributes to limiting public expenses and prevention of corruption in the public sector.

Lund & Co’s assistance in public procurement

Lund & Co advises on procurement processes for both clients and suppliers. We assist in all parts of the process, including requirement specifications, contract terms and other documentation, quality assurance of commercial bids, evaluation of tenders, rejection questions and complaints.

Lund & Co has built up specialised expertise with tender processes related to energy contracts, management contracts and the operation and leasing of power plants.

We also assist in court cases, both before the Norwegian courts, the EFTA and the EU courts.